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January 18 2016

Proper Floor Preparation in Staining Concrete Floors

If you love the look of stain concrete floors, you might be eager to tear your grungy carpets to show the concrete underneath. However for those newly exposed floors often need extreme cleaning to enable them to be adorned with acid stains. If you pull your carpet, who knows your floor could possibly be facing ugly stains, carpet glue, paint drips, and rust spots. -stainedconcrete-

So, if you're negligent in the cleaning process, staining concrete floors can change the entire look. Any ugly residue remaining on to the ground is likely to emerge through the newly applied stain. The concrete surface must be cleaned thoroughly and washed over many times. No concrete nails or indentations ought to be left on the surface.

If you're planning to fix any cracks or holes with quick dry concrete, you must allow the fixed spots to dry completely before you go further to the next step.

Staining Concrete is it a trial-and error method?

Choosing the best cleaning product ofttimes involves a trial-and error method. One can't always tell merely through the appearance of concrete alone. What you may assume is a grease stain may be something else.

Next, be sure to read the label carefully as to find out what substances the item can remove. A fix formulated to strip acid stain may be ineffective at removing stubborn grease or oil. The label also provide valuable information you will need to know to perform the position to its best.

While staining your concrete floors, the first is advised to be extremely cautious when using petroleum-based strippers, which tends to be highly volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and can be flammable. -stainedconcrete-

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